TiDD 06 hotel PUERTA AMERICA 호텔 푸에르타 아메리카
판매가격 37,000원
할인가격 25,900원
적립금 259원
원산지 현대건축사
배송비 2,500원 (* 30,000원 이상 무료배송)
Just a few years ago, an interior to seek a comfortable hotel like my home has ever been popular among hotels throughout Europe. Today, however, it is being reborn newly in a name called ?esign Hotel, ?outique Hotel, ?ew Concept Hotel and ?useum Hotel. There is an increasing trend of hotels of more differentiated design due to increase in the number of people who want to be excitingly and strongly impressed by an interesting factor different from their own house despite staying for just a day, rather than elegant and comfortable hotels. An implied sensitivity and distinction to attract clients should be immanent in the design rather than a splendid building or a gorgeous design in order for a hotel to not only become one of successful design but also satisfy the desire of gradually more faultfinding clients. Such a phenomenon becomes a proof that users own taste is just their expression, and the selected object is recognized as an important means of expressing their social and cultural position and confirms their own identity. Due to such a change to favorite consumption, human beings are seeking an identity to find out better and more special ?hemselves.

In a diversified epochal paradigm, a hotel is pursuing something cultural and spiritual besides basic functions. That is just not only an expectation for a new experience but also a direction that hotel design should pursue in the future. Eventually, symbolism of design, as a spiritual value in a hotel space away from the existing stiff frame, exists for a mutual meaningful action between human beings and space, for which a more plural and essential approach is required to designers and a far more developed and mature hotel culture and space should be presented through access to new thinking and knowledge. In such a meaning, Design Book Series, TiDD-Total Interior Design and Detail, HOTEL is showing diverse sensitivity and new approach.

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